1. Onboarding Overview

The program combines online preparation modules and live onboarding sessions. New customers will go through the onboarding preparation exercises in each module and once complete, will meet with a trainer for a hands-on review of the content.


3. Live Onboarding Sessions

There are three Live Sessions with a Stacks Trainer:

Onboarding Session 1: Getting Started (60-minute session)

This session covers orientation, configuration, setup, and integrations.

Onboarding Session 2: Building a Foundation (60-minute session)

This session covers information architecture and creating content.

Onboarding Session 3: Completing the Experience (60-minute session)

This session covers a selection of stacks signature tools. The session will be customized for the customer and may include: event management, room bookings, search configuration, RSS feeds, Index pages, databases, and more.

2. Onboarding Modules

There are four Onboarding Preparation Modules:

Introduction: Support and project planning

Module 1: Introduces configuration, setup, and integrations

Module 2: Introduces information architecture and creating content

Module 3: Introduces Stacks Signature Tools

Each Onboarding Preparation Module Involves:

  1. Exploring the features of your Stacks website

  2. Project Planning - creating a step by step plan for your web design project

  3. Action items and homework to be completed. Homework involves reading, watching videos, managing your project, and creating content and pages for your website.

All homework and action items must be completed before booking the next session.  

Stacks Support Materials
Introduction to Support
  1. Stacks Support Portal Access the ticketing system, platform updates and more. 
  2. Stacks Academy Watch video tutorials highlighting the platform, features, and integrations.
  3. Stacks Training Portal Access training materials, training updates, the user manual, and web design resources here.
  4. Stacksdiscovery.com Find news and information about Stacks on our Stacks website.
Stacks Support Portal

Welcome to the Stacks Support Portal 

Ticket Submission for these types of issues:
The Stacks ticketing system allows customers to submit requests to the Stacks Technical Support Team. There are a number of different ticket types that can be submitted, ensuring you and your team receive the support they need including:  

  • technical issue
  • service request
  • how to
  • enhancement request

Platform Updates including Release Notes + Archive
Stay up to date with the latest platform, security and feature updates with Stacks release notes. For the latest updates and enhancements made, view the release notes and archive for details.

Enhancement Queue + Overview
Looking to take make an enhancement to your Stacks site? Want to take a feature or tool to the next level? Stacks takes enhancement requests, and upon approval, queue them, and keep you and your team up to date with where they are at in the development process. Check out this section today to see what enhancement will roll out next for Stacks!

Platform Tips & Tricks  
Looking to take your site’s user experience to the next level? Check out our Tips & Tricks section for the latest ranging from beginner to advance levels.