Onboarding Worksheet: Website Design Project Plan Template

Modify this project plan template to manage your Stacks web design project.

Project Title: ________________ Website Design Project

(Your Organization Name Here)

Project Description:

The development of a new website using the Stacks Platform. This project plan will outline the steps of the project and allow personnel to be assigned and timelines determined at each step.

Project Steps:

A - Starting Point

Starting Point

Once you receive the onboarding checklist, begin gathering the needed information and decide which members of your staff will work on the project. Assign roles and responsibilites to each staff member. Possible roles could be:

Project Manager: Responsible for detailing the overall objectives of the strategy and holding the team accountable to its the timelines.
Content Analyst: Leads the content analysis and user group definition using the worksheets as a guide.
Stacks Specialist: Responsible for being the in-house Stacks expert and recommending what tools and features will be used to implement the site map.
Site Architect: Leads the creation of the site map based on the content analysis and user group definitions.

Objective Team Member Responsible Timeline
Onboarding Checklist Complete    
Choose Your Team    
Assign Roles and Responsibilities    

B - Site Setup

Site Setup

The Stacks team will create a website instance for you using the integration and configuration requirements from your onboarding checklist.

Objective Team Member Responsible Timeline
Activate Domain One    


C - Analysis


In this step, you will take an inventory of information on your current site, determine your users, the most important tasks on your current site, review your community demographics and the mission and goals of your organization. Finally, determine any new content that you may want to add to your site.

Objective Team Member Responsible Timeline
Current Site Inventory    
Review Mission/ Goals    
Define User Groups/ Tasks    
Review Analytics (Current Site)    
Plan New Content    

D - Training

Training Program

Begin with the training preparation modules and then book live training with the Stacks Training Team. The training will cover the setup and configuration of your site, how to create content and organize your information and how to select the best Stacks features to showcase your content.

Objective Team Member Responsible Timeline
Training Preparation Module 1    
Training Preparation Module 2    
Training Preparation Module 3    
Session 1: Getting Started    
Session 2: Building a Foundation    
Session 3: Completing the Experience    

E - Implementation


Begin setting up your site and creating content.

Objective Team Member Responsible Timeline
System Configuration    
Information Architecture/ Site Organization    
Content Development    

F - Testing


This step involves launching your site, testing the site with users and making any needed adjustments.

Objective Team Member Responsible Timeline
Soft Launch    
Small Group User Testing    

G - Go Live

Go Live

These are the steps in the process of making your site live. Stacks can assist with these objectives.

Objective Team Member Responsible Timeline
Change DNS    
Propagate Records    
Determine Go Live Date