ed2go is a leading online continuing education provider. ed2go provides career training, personal and professional development courses, and over 150 certifications. With this integration with Stacks, you can have ed2go course offerings display in your Bento Search results.

ed2go Bento Search Results

Configure ed2go


To Configure ed2go

  1. Navigate to the 'Search Configuration' tile on your Dashboard and open the 'Catalogs' tile
  2. Select the 'ed2go' tab

  1. Click to 'Enable Bento Box'
  2. Enter your API Key and Catalog URL
  3. Click 'Save Configuration.'
  1. Click to enable the Bento Box
  2. Enter the Catalog URL and Search Parameters
  3. Click 'Save Configuration'

***To create a Bento Box populated with your Euromonitor search results, see Bento Search Configuration instructions.