Publication Finder

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Publication Finder allows you to search for publications based on a particular title or topic including magazines, books, and journals. 

Follow the steps below to configure Publication Finder:

  1. Navigate to the Catalog tile (Dashboard > Search Configuration > Catalog).
  2. Click on the Publication Finder Tab
  3. Check the Box "Enable Bento Box" in order to add a Bento Box later.
  4. Enter the Custom ID, Group, Profile ID and Password.
  5. Choose the Endpoint Search Type.
  6. Check the corresponding box of each item you want to display in the Bento Search Results, choosing from:
    • Display Publisher Data
    • Display Package Data
    • Display Coverage Begin Date
    • Display Coverage End Date
    • Display ISBM
    • Display Peer Review
    • Display Author
  7. Click the SAVE CONFIGURATION button to apply settings.

There are two Publication Finder Bento Boxes:

  • Publication Finder will show all Publication Finder results
  • Publication Finder (Peer-Reviewed Only) will only show results identified as peer-reviewed.


Publication Finder Bento Boxes can be configured to sort by:

  • Title sorting in alphabetical order; or
  • Relevance showing the most relevant results based on the search being performed.


For detailed instructions on adding a Publication Finder Bento box, see Add Bento Box to Search Results.