What is a Resource Flow?

Resource Flows are scrollable, visual lists of resources. Feature your reading lists with scrolling book jackets linked to your catalog listings. Resource Flows integrate with your EDS (EBSCO Discovery Service) or ILS (Integrated Library System) system to allow users to find more information and place requests.

Resource Flow with Book Jackets

Create a Resource Flow

  1. Navigate to the Resource Flow tile on your dashboard
  2. Click ADD NEW
  3. Add a title to your Resource Flow

  1. Enter the ISBN associated with the item you'd like to include in the in the ‘Query’ field

  1. Click either SYNC EDS or SYNC ILS, depending on your site’s integrations
  • If there is a record associated with your query, Stacks will complete many of the fields in the Details section

  1. IF the information is correct and there is an associated image, click ADD ITEM
  • IF the information is incorrect but there is an associated image, correct the information
  • IF there is no associated image, query another ISBN for that item, repeating the steps above
  1. Once the information is correct and there is an appropriate image, click ADD ITEM

Note: An item should not be added to a Resource Flow without an image.

  1. Continue adding items, repeating steps 4-6
  2. IF you need to remove an item from the Resource Flow, click REMOVE ITEM

  1. Click SAVE to create the Resource Flow
Edit a Resource Flow
  1. Navigate to the Resource Flow tile on your dashboard
  2. Find the Resource Flow you wish to edit in the list
  3. Click Edit to the right of the Resource Flow listing

  1. Make any necessary edits to the Resource Flow
  2. Click SAVE to apply your edits
Delete a Resource Flow
  1. Navigate to the Resource Flow tile on your dashboard
  2. Click DELETE to the right of the Resource Flow listing
  3. Click DELETE to confirm the removal of this Resource Flow

Customize Your Resource Flows

You have options to customize your Resource Flows by toggling these options on/off:

  • Arrows - Allow the user to manually scroll to the next slide by clicking on an arrow
  • Auto Play - Set the time for each slide to display in seconds 
  • Infinite Scroll - Continuous scroll from the first slide to the last slide, and repeat
  • Center Mode - The center image (slide) in the row of slides will appear larger so the center of the mini slider is emphasized

To access these options, Navigate to your Dashboard and select the 'System Configuration' tile.

  1. Open the 'System Configuration' tile
  2. Select the 'Site Configuration' tile
  3. Select the tab on the left side of the screen called 'Slider Settings'

  1. Click on the 'Resource Flow' tab and view the options for customization

  1. Click on the boxes to toggle on the features you want to enable
  2. Note: The options that you choose here will apply to all of the resource flows that you create on your site

Create a Resource Flow from an RSS Feed

You can create a Resource Flow from your Sirsi RSS Feed that displays the latest 25 items from the feed and updates with new items every hour.

  1. Navigate to your Sirsi Online Catalog
  2. Perform a search in your catalog and add any filters or limiters that you wish
  3. Click on the RSS Feed icon
  4. You will see a screen full of computer code open

  1. Copy the URL on this screen
  2. Navigate to your Stacks dashboard
  3. Open the 'Resource Flows' tile

  1. Click the 'Copy from RSS' button
  2. Add a title to your Resource Flow

  1. Paste the RSS Feed URL

  1. Select the RSS Format 'Sirsi Blue Cloud'

  1. Click 'Import Resource Flow'
  2. The Resource Flow will now appear in your Resource Flow list
  3. Click the title to open and view your Resource Flow
  4. You can now add this Resource Flow to a Landing Page
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